Fountains & Water Feature Services

Water features can serve as centerpieces to your dream landscape. Draw the eye with the sight and sound of a centrally positioned, tiered fountain. Or, create a hidden koi pond, providing a secret garden “room” for contemplation and calm. Water features can be hypnotic or serve to mask out nearby traffic noise. Additionally, they serve as a haven for visiting critters and birds. What type of water feature can we design for you?

Falling water

Fountains & Accents

Fountains and falling water can add serenity, sounds to mask traffic, and wildness to your landscape. From formal Italian fountains, to burbling brooks, we can help with design and installation of your water feature.


Small Features

From a minimal garden pot, burbling with overflowing water, to a cascade of pots or stone slabs in several levels of water to splash down, we can install your dream water feature.

Garden Pond

Ponds~Reflecting Pools

We can maintain or install a beautiful, Japanese koi pond, with water plants and lilies. Or, we can design and install a formal, reflecting pool providing a contemplative, zen retreat for your magical new landscape.

Create Your Own Water Ecosystem

Types of Water Features

Today’s water features are simpler to install and far less expensive than in past decades. From the basic table-top or ground-level recycled water fountain to waterfalls and ponds with kois and water plants, we can help you choose the right water features for your landscape. Types and considerations:

  • Size – are you looking for a BIG, central-focus water feature or merely a little trickle that helps mask background noises?
  • Topography – If the desired location of your water feature offers a slight to steep incline, you may wish to include waterfall. Common in Japanese gardens, waterfalls can be as small as a few stones the water trickles down to greater heights overhead.
  • The greater the distance and elevation the water must return to in its cycle, the more power required to boost the water uphill in return to the top.
  • Pondless waterfalls and streams – Ideal for smaller yards and landscapes, the modern stream and waterfall no longer requires a large pond to collect the water in rotation. Ask us how this may work for your landscape.
  • Splash – Whatever water feature you choose, ensure you understand how big a splash it may create. While you may be able to move rocks or other elements within the feature to gain a larger or smaller splash, it can be difficult to control the movement of water or the noise the splash makes.
  • Sound – Moving water makes noise, even within small fountains and ponds. Are you looking to mask neighborhood noises? Are you hoping to create specific water sounds? Be sure to discuss your expectations and wishes when it comes to water features to ensure we can produce those results.
  • Evaporation – Your water feature will require refilling on a regular basis to replenish evaporated water. Ask us about the options to ensure your “well doesn’t run dry.”
  • Water plants and fish – Water features can be greatly enhanced with the addition of water-based plants, such as lotus, reeds, water lettuces, waterlilies and more. They nicely accompany koi and carp fish in ponds. All require care and food!
  • Maintenance – Unlike Mother Nature, artificially created water features require regular maintenance to balance pH and acid in your water, reduce or eliminate algae growth, and, of course, keep koi and other fish healthy. Ask us what this entails for your water feature.
round fountain-in stone
japanese-garden bamboo fountains
Rock with waterfall
Waterfall over rock slab
Formal water fountain lit

How We Do Business

Expert Crew

Our crews are trained and receive close supervision for all planting, installation and maintenance projects.


We take great pride and care, ensuring customers’ property and landscaping is treated carefully and with respect.


We offer use of organic products for landscape maintenance, eliminating concerns about chemicals being used on your property.


Safety is our top priority, for both our crews and clients (particularly during COVID-19). Crews are trained in proper equipment handling.

The Earth

We are stewards of the land first and foremost. Like you, we do everything in our power to reduce our climate crisis.

Clean & Tidy

Our crews are experts at maintaining clean worksites, ensuring ongoing projects or maintenance sites are spotless at end of day.

Client Testimonials

This landscaping company did a tremendous job on our yard, our yard has never looked better than ever!

Erick Ruiz

Not only does Green Giant perform bi-annual trimming of bushes and trees for us, but they also make sure our irrigation system works as it should. Jordan knows the plants of this valley and he often makes recommendations for plants and flowers that we follow and then enjoy the results! Great landscaping service!

Ron Gaiz

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