Vegetable Garden Design

We live up to our name, Green Giant, when it comes to planning and planting vegetable gardens! We’d be delighted to help you plan crops, yields, growth cycles and more, to ensure you achieve your vegetable garden goals. We can install in-ground or raised-bed gardens and even start seedlings. Just let us know what you’d like to accomplish and we can design your vegetable garden to meet those needs.

Raised vegetable garden

Raised Vegetable Garden

Choose your favorite vegetables and we’ll plan a raised bed garden for them. We can help select which vegetable grow well side-by-side, complementing one another, as well as plan crop rotation to ensure the layout remains dynamic throughout the year.

Greenhouse vegetable garden

Greenhouse Vegetable Garden

Let us build your dream greenhouse! For those wishing to start from seedlings, this is an ideal solution for year round gardening and vegetable raising. Move seedlings outdoors to your in-ground or raised-bed vegetable garden when ready.

Tomato vegetable garden

Tomato Vegetable Garden

Are tomatoes the only vegetables you grow? We can help with monoculture vegetable gardens! With so many species of tomato, there are options for ground cover, trellises, hanging vines and more. Heirloom or Romas? Pick your favorites to grow.

Get Your Veggies Planted

Vegetable Garden Considerations

A vegetable garden is a working garden. Upon installing one, few of our clients ask us to maintain them on a regular basis; they plan to do that themselves. Therefore, it’s important that the type of garden design works well for the end user. Here are some design considerations:

  • In-ground vegetable garden – Infinite room for roots to grow, make long rows or patterns with veggie plants.
  • Raised bed vegetable garden – Additional cost of building raised beds, reduced back or knee strain when planting and harvesting.
  • Critters – If you have a preponderance of underground residents, raised beds with bottom barriers reduce critters’ ability to raid your garden.
  • Deer, rabbits, raccoons and birds – If your garden may be infiltrated by above-ground wildlife, make plans to protect your veggies with netting, chicken wire and other preventive measures.
  • Climate – If you plan to propagate plants and veggies from seed, do you need a greenhouse for your starters?

Let us help you get your vegetable garden “off the ground” figuratively speaking. Green Giant can help you plan your garden layout, vegetable rotation and plan defenses against wildlife pests.

Tomato in a garden
Dirt shovel

How We Do Business

Expert Crew

Our crews are trained and receive close supervision for all planting, installation and maintenance projects.


We take great pride and care, ensuring customers’ property and landscaping is treated carefully and with respect.


We offer use of organic products for landscape maintenance, eliminating concerns about chemicals being used on your property.


Safety is our top priority, for both our crews and clients (particularly during COVID-19). Crews are trained in proper equipment handling.

The Earth

We are stewards of the land first and foremost. Like you, we do everything in our power to reduce our climate crisis.

Clean & Tidy

Our crews are experts at maintaining clean worksites, ensuring ongoing projects or maintenance sites are spotless at end of day.

Client Testimonials

This landscaping company did a tremendous job on our yard, our yard has never looked better than ever!

Erick Ruiz

Not only does Green Giant perform bi-annual trimming of bushes and trees for us, but they also make sure our irrigation system works as it should. Jordan knows the plants of this valley and he often makes recommendations for plants and flowers that we follow and then enjoy the results! Great landscaping service!

Ron Gaiz

Let’s Get Started

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