Tree Trimming & Hedge Services

Sonoma Valley and the North Bay are blessed with an abundance and variety of trees. We pride ourselves on providing expert, high-quality care to the trees and hedges we maintain for clients, from planting to pruning.

Tree Planting

From sapling to mature tree, our crew is experienced at planting trees for long-term health and growth. Whether your need is for a single tree or an orchard, we have the expertise to ensure your trees thrive.

Tree and pond

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is art and science combined. For dramatic reshaping we often suggest a 3-year pruning plan. (Trimming everything at once may damage the tree.) Let us help you reshape your landscaping.

Hedge Clipping

Hedge Trimming

Depending upon the types of shrubs used in your hedge, they may respond well to healthy trimming to create an attractive appearance, such as the boxwood. Others require vigorous trimming to maintain formal shaping.

How We Do Business

Expert Crew

Our crews are trained and receive close supervision for all planting, installation and maintenance projects.


We take great pride and care, ensuring customers’ property and landscaping is treated carefully and with respect.


We offer use of organic products for landscape maintenance, eliminating concerns about chemicals being used on your property.


Safety is our top priority, for both our crews and clients (particularly during COVID-19). Crews are trained in proper equipment handling.

The Earth

We are stewards of the land first and foremost. Like you, we do everything in our power to reduce our climate crisis.

Clean & Tidy

Our crews are experts at maintaining clean worksites, ensuring ongoing projects or maintenance sites are spotless at end of day.

Tree & Hedge Care

Trees are often some of the largest and most valuable assets on a property, providing shade, protection and beauty to the surroundings. Green Giant offer a wide variety of tree maintenance and installation for residential and commercial properties in the North Bay. These may include:

  • Tree and orchard planting
  • Tree and hedge fertilizing and pest management
  • Removal of dead and diseased tree limbs
  • Lateral pruning for growth, height and health
  • Trimming via thinning cuts for tree or bush health and minimal growth
  • Topping to encourage vigorous upwards
  • Pruning to encourage greater fruit crop production
  • Trimming to maintain size for mechanical or manual harvesting of fruit
  • Hedge trimming to maintain shape and size
Line of trees on path
Ancient Olive Trees
olive tree installation

Client Testimonials

Not only does Green Giant perform bi-annual trimming of bushes and trees for us, but they also make sure our irrigation system works as it should. Jordan knows the plants of this valley and he often makes recommendations for plants and flowers that we follow and then enjoy the results! Great landscaping service!

Ron Gaiz

This landscaping company did a tremendous job on our yard, our yard has never looked better than ever!

Eric Ruiz


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