Maintenance Services

Do you love having a beautifully cared-for yard, garden or landscape? But you don’t want to spend your limited free time on maintenance, mowing lawns, trimming bushes or fixing irrigation problems! We’re here to help. We not only help you design, select and install plants in your garden, but we also offer full maintenance of your landscaping to keep it all looking great, season after season.

Some Essential Services


General Clean-up

Fallen leaves too messy? We’ve got you covered! Our crews always rake up leaves, lawn cuttings and other debris. We’ll even dispose and compost the cuttings for you.



Every landscape has its share of “volunteer” plants. Some can be dug out. Others we discourage from propagating. You choose how you’d like these interlopers dealt with on your property.

Irrigation sprinkler head


We’ll keep your irrigation system running in good order performing line flushing, valve repairs and replacements, as well as checking for leaks or damage. Good water management is essential for a healthy garden.

How We Do Business

Expert Crew

Our crews are trained and receive close supervision for all planting, installation and maintenance projects.


We take great pride and care, ensuring customers’ property and landscaping is treated carefully and with respect.


We offer use of organic products for landscape maintenance, eliminating concerns about chemicals being used on your property.


Safety is our top priority, for both our crews and clients (particularly during COVID-19). Crews are trained in proper equipment handling.

The Earth

We are stewards of the land first and foremost. Like you, we do everything in our power to reduce our climate crisis.

Clean & Tidy

Our crews are experts at maintaining clean worksites, ensuring ongoing projects or maintenance sites are spotless at end of day.

Types of Maintenance

We offer a wide variety of maintenance for residential and commercial landscape properties in the North Bay. Services may be needed as often as once or twice a week, to bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. You choose the services that best fit your budget, schedule and long-term plans. These may include:

  • “Mow and blow” – lawn trimming with removal of cuttings, leaves and other debris that accumulates on your property
  • Irrigation maintenance, line flushing, valve and line repair and replacement, water pressure adjustments, fixing leaks
  • Weeding, removal of “volunteer” plants
  • Trimming of bushes, hedges, vines and branches
  • Pest control – assessment of intruders, treatment and removal for fungal infections, viruses, unwanted insects, critters and birds
  • Fertilizing plants, lawns, bushes and trees for healthy growth and longevity
  • Tree trimming – pruning removal of diseased or dead limbs, shaping, topping, thinning, promoting good tree health
  • Mulching
  • Power washing walkways, patios and decks

Psst! We just thought the photo of the little boy raking was cute. He’s not actually on our crew. ;-)

Push Lawnmower
Boy Raking
Wheelbarrow with direct and roots

Client Testimonials

The maintenance crew has been spot on with our lawn care, bush/tree pruning, and overall plant health throughout the property. Our landscaping is looking well-tended. Count on GGLD to be responsive and take great care of your landscape.

Marcia Macomber

Not only does Green Giant perform bi-annual trimming of bushes and trees for us, but they also make sure our irrigation system works as it should. Jordan knows the plants of this valley and he often makes recommendations for plants and flowers that we follow and then enjoy the results! Great landscaping service!

Ron Gaiz

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