Backyard Landscape Design Services

Backyards can play the role of private oasis, children’s play area, zen retreat, family entertainment space, outdoor rooms and more. Let us help you design the ideal backyard landscape for your home.

Grasses, parkland, bench

Foundation Planting

We create foundation plantings as a framework. Trees, bushes and shrubs shape your backyard oasis. Do you seek fast-growing plants to create privacy? Or do you seek slow-growing plants to observe over many years’ growth?

Butterfly garden

Flowers & Insects

Do you have favorites among annuals or perennials, or both? What about a color palate or textures? If you wish to attract beneficial insects to your backyard, such as butterflies and ladybugs, we can plant species that are their favorites!

Buddha Zen Garden

Fun & Personality

Whether you’re looking to add points of interest, fun objects, exotic artifacts or plants to your backyard, we can help bring your vision to life, reflecting your own personality. Plan for your kids’ play area, pet area or your own outdoor private escape!

Go Mediterranean with Waterwise Plantings

Types of Backyard Landscapes

Backyard landscapes are as diverse as the owners who enjoy them. Most typically, we find our clients prefer backyard landscapes they will use frequently and enjoy as a private oasis. For some it’s a showpiece landscape, with blossoms appearing year-round. For others, this means a relaxing environment that’s friendly for their kids, pets and guest to gather in for visiting.

Have an eclectic collection? From ancient, rusted cars (shown) to antique farm equipment, don’t forget to include your unique belongings that show off your personality.

Some dream of having their own bocce court. Others envision a cozy nook with a fire pit. (Why not both?) If you spend summers outdoors, be sure to include the things that give you joy: plants that attract beneficial insects, bubbling water features to mask street noise, succulents and xeriscaping plants to minimize water usage. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Mediterranean landscape plants to match the North Bay’s evolving climate
  • English garden with roses, foxgloves and innumerable flowers
  • Formal gardens (English, French or Italian) with hedges, mazes and walking patterns
  • Vegetable garden in-ground or in raised planting beds
  • Succulent and Cactus gardens of the southwest
  • Japanese garden with minimalist, strategic plants, rocks and decoration
  • Container gardens, ideal for ever-changing layouts and shifting sun requirements
  • Outdoor kitchen, dining and lounging rooms
  • Lawn play areas friendly for kids, pets, croquet games, golf, bocce, petanque
  • Water features to divide landscape spaces
Backyard with paths and chairs
Vintage car made into garden
Dog on a lawn

How We Do Business

Expert Crew

Our crews are trained and receive close supervision for all planting, installation and maintenance projects.


We take great pride and care, ensuring customers’ property and landscaping is treated carefully and with respect.


We offer use of organic products for landscape maintenance, eliminating concerns about chemicals being used on your property.


Safety is our top priority, for both our crews and clients (particularly during COVID-19). Crews are trained in proper equipment handling.

The Earth

We are stewards of the land first and foremost. Like you, we do everything in our power to reduce our climate crisis.

Clean & Tidy

Our crews are experts at maintaining clean worksites, ensuring ongoing projects or maintenance sites are spotless at end of day.

Client Testimonials

This landscaping company did a tremendous job on our yard, our yard has never looked better than ever!

Erick Ruiz

Not only does Green Giant perform bi-annual trimming of bushes and trees for us, but they also make sure our irrigation system works as it should. Jordan knows the plants of this valley and he often makes recommendations for plants and flowers that we follow and then enjoy the results! Great landscaping service!

Ron Gaiz

Let’s Get Started

Your perfect retreat awaits. Let’s get the ball rolling on your Green Giant landscaped garden.